Welcome to the California Youth Correctional Facility Edit

Nfab is a amazing mean ass fucking bully! He's a dick for no reason whatsoever! He makes shitty videos but still considers himself a comedian!

Why Nfab is a fucking douchebag and why he should quit all social mediaEdit

Nfab is 10 years old, and he told someone they were a slut. Need I say more?

He also supported the Holocaust and the Soviet starvings of WW2.

List of people Nfab has killed:

  • Billybob
  • Happy77
  • Screenhog
  • Basically every single CP moderator
  • Rockingyaz (he died from cancer due to Nfab's stupidity)
  • Robbery699 (he died for the same reason)
  • Swagtoru Iwata :(
  • Weird Al Yankovic
  • George Bush
  • Michael Jackson for the 2nd time
  • Pengupalchum (died from the new nfab ebola outbreak)
  • Grilfun (was revived later by Lighter's sweg)
  • Etika's sandwich
  • Your mother
  • John F Kennedy
  • Good Sonic Games
  • every 9/11 victim
  • Krillin
  • Yamcha
  • Gavin (currently being revived by team sweg)
  • Beerus 
  • Champa
  • The Cat (Nfab is secretly Curiosity)
  • The guy who's writing this
  • The resident evil franchise 4+
  • Naruto's bacon
  • Himself
  • Are these enough people?
  • Well to fucking bad there's more
  • The editors thingers
  • Myspace
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